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Licensed technology and hybridization

Strategic South Asia regions

Hemp and associated products

Asia Green Biotechnology Corp. is an early-stage international agri-technology company centred on the planting, growing, and harvesting of new and valuable strains of hemp and related crops in commercial quantities in South Asia. Our licensed technology secures our exposure to and capacities in the hemp and related sectors through horticultural, scientific, genetic, genomic and related advances.

With our licensed technology, strategic South Asia regions will benefit from their positive climatic conditions for desired horticulture, political and social acceptance of hemp and associated products, existing agricultural and processing infrastructure, when using our licensed genetics and hybridization processes.

World-wide social and business trends are embracing legalization of Cannabis sativa which may drive demand for advanced genetic cultivars.

Cannabis plant
hemp plant

Deployable licensed technology is needed to develop varieties of hemp for optimal growth/ production in local environments.

Focus on those genetic strains which offer the greatest potential for development of new products with applications in a broad range of areas.

Seeds being test grown, in a laboratory

Photo Credit: Inplanta Biotechnology Inc.

marijuana foliage

Genetic hybridization provides a discernible benefit to produce along the food, fuel, fibre, and foundation pillars of the hemp industry, and to support and stimulate local sectors.

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