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Food Fibre Fuel Foundation
Cambodian farm couple

Cambodian farm couple

Social Contract  and Sustainability

Asia Cannabis Corp . endorses a corporate social contract to engage in socially-responsible business practices, ethical product production, local volunteerism, corporate donations to charity, and will commit to other socially positive  endeavors., including:

Social / Economic

Devote 5% of net profits to community programs/ innovations in the hemp sector

Education/ Training

Education  on modernize horticulture techniques for diverse food crops with NGO’s and others

Develop / Evolve

Develop newly identified/ produced seed stocks  for regional development and export markets

Employ / Empower

Employ women, disabled, and marginalized peoples for community roles and jobs

Children / Daycare

Provide community or direct supports to employees for childcare and public education

Invest / Venture

Invest in entrepreneurs in complementary sectors to promote hemp agriculture

Aid / Development

Promote regions for aid, development grants, philanthropic activities and agra-tourism

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