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Asia Cannabis Corp. has secured a licensing agreement with InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. an Alberta-based Scientific Research and Development team of professionals with their primary focus being the Cannabis plant.  InPlanta operate a state of the art and fully sustainable Cannabis R&D Enterprise working in collaboration with research partners, Licensed Producers, licencors, government agencies and research institutions to support the rapidly developing global Cannabis industry.

Modern Breeding

for Optimal Varieties,

Yields, and Uses

Seed Breeding

Breeding as intensive selection of various traits, including time of flowering, flower and seed yield, oil and protein composition of hemp seeds, cannabinoids levels and ratios, fibre yield and quality as well as potential medicinal properties of extracts.

Genetics as science and technology that allows to capture genomic profile of individual varieties or cultivars, and use this knowledge to bioengineer new hemp and related varieties with specific characteristics such as unique phytocannabiniod CBD and THC profiles.



Hybridization as an integral breeding process allowing to isolate plants with unique traits (properties) and use them for cross-pollination or hybridization, thus allowing to create new variety with unique trait combination. Such hybrids may be obtained by cross-pollination of any two varieties of hemp or cannabis obtaining hybrid varieties with changes in overall seed and oil yield, time to fruition, resistance to pests, geometric traits (uniformity, compactness, flower density, etc.), colour, flavour/ aroma, end-user appeal, CBD and/or psychoactive qualities, and flower trichome density and type (stalked or sessile).

Advanced research for breeding and cultivation of hemp and other varieties with development of products from flowers, seeds, and stems in licensed tropical and sub-tropic South Asia regions with outdoor and indoor cultivation.

Product development includes but not limited to the development of best cultivation practices, such variations in air circulation, fertilizer use, light levels, temperature, humidity, etc., best product preparation practices, trimming, curing, oil extractions, evaluation of medicinal properties of oils, formulation of seed products with best nutritional value, analysis of fibre quality to name a few.

Production Research and Development

InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. brings unparalleled Alberta-based expertise and advice related to the core biotechnology, genetics/genomics of hemp and cannabis as related to: cultivation options and requirements; stages of plant development, cultivation and production methodologies; harvesting, drying and curing techniques; genetics of cultivars for auto-flowering, feminization of seeds and cross-pollination to produce unique strains and hybrids.

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