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Under the license agreement, Asia Cannabis Corp. has secured the exclusive rights to use the biotechnology developed by InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. in primarily the hemp  industries in their various dimensions in South East Asia. Licensed regions of priority are Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, then China, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. Asia Cannabis Corp plans to develop varieties of hemp  with the best growth and production characteristics in the various environments found in each of the territories granted..

Southeast Asia map of Top 7 markets


“Ministry of Health and Welfare’s National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo with Department of Agriculture permits, cGMP certifications, and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) has approved CBD food.”

Cannabis has been cultivated in Japan since the pre-Neolithic period, for its fibres and as a food source, and possibly as a psychoactive material.  Japan, with a total of 6,852 islands along the Pacific coast known as the Japanese archipelago, has a population of 126.9 million people, a GDP of US $4.9 trillion (USD, 2016), and some 54% of citizens aged 15 to 59 years of age.
Hong Kong, an autonomous territory on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in South China, is the most populated area of the world, has 7.4 million people, some 67% of age 15-59 years old and a GDP of $342 billion (USD, 2016).

Hong Kong

A Hong Kong-based pharmaceutical firm has announced exploring therapeutic uses of cannabis for treatment and prevention products for epilepsy and Alzheimer’s diseases, as well as analgesics and antidepressants, using cannabinoids.”

South Korea

Organisation of Legalising Medical Cannabis in Korea, an advocacy group based in Seoul successfully lobbied for proposed revisions to the Narcotic Control Act, which a Ministry of Food and Drug Safety official said it will push for the legislative change later this year.”

Cannabis was an important crop in ancient Korea, with samples of hempen fabric discovered dating back as early as 3000 BCE.  South Korea constitutes the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, with its capital Seoul having 10 million people or about 20% of its population (50.6 million) with 67% or 15-59 years of age, and is ranked 11th in South Asia regional GDP ($1.6 trillion, $USD).

Asia Cannabis Corp. intends to leverage the InPlanta biotechnology to develop a portfolio of strategic hemp and related crop investments in these priority and other South Asia regions. These locally-based sector investments will benefit from both the changing social climate relative to hemp and cannabis use and the historic acceptance of the use of these products and their derivatives.

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